Sam Elsom

Sam Elsom 

Chief Executive Officer at Sea Forest

A pioneer of Tasmania’s seaweed industry, Sam Elsom continues to open eyes and disseminate his green-focused modus operandi on the global stage.

Sam is a passionate environmentalist with over 15 years’ experience in sustainability. Having founded one of Australia’s first sustainable apparel businesses to measuring social and environmental impact across supply chains as well as implementing a satellite factory in India to support poor communities with income, training, clean water and education. Sam was drawn to explore seaweed cultivation for its impressive capacity to sequester CO2 as a potential solution to reverse climate change.

This led Sam to found Sea Forest a science-based environmental technology company harnessing the power of Australian seaweed Asparagopsis. It is an organisation composed of the industry’s best scientists working to produce the highest methane abating supplement in the world by using the most effective production facilities and methodologies.

You can find out even more by reading the Summer Edition of the Business Events Tasmania Magazine where we have a feature article on Sam.

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