Visionary Program

Tasmanian Ambassadors and our Tasmanian Ambassador Program play a vital role in securing business events to the State.
But we think the word ambassador doesn’t quite sum up all that they are. They’re more than someone who simply represents their industry. They’re pioneers who’ve had to do things differently, because following expected pathways just doesn’t cut it in Tasmania. And they’re not industry leaders because they’ve sought out a prominent position; they’ve done remarkable things and ended up as leaders along the way.

They’re not just ambassadors or advocates. They’ve cut their own paths. They’ve gained perspective. They are VISIONARY.


We need you, our scientists’, researchers, our experts and our entrepreneurs to work with us to secure major conferences of importance to Tasmania.
We’d like to share with you how, together, we can help your industry—and Tasmania—shine.
Access a domestic and high-yield global audience
Extend your global reach
Boost your profile
Generate new business opportunities
Secure trade and investment


Stories of our Visionaries