Business Events Attraction Fund

In Tasmania we welcome all to join us in our quite pursuit of the extraordinary. During your time here you find a culture that celebrates collaboration and supporting one another. 

In partnership with the Tasmanian Government, we are dedicated to reflecting this attitude in our industry by supporting conferences and events that leave long lasting benefits to Tasmania. One way we do this is through the Tasmanian Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF). 

The Tasmanian Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF) allows Business Events Tasmania to offer financial support at the critical bidding stage, to help secure national and international conferences to the state. 

An event’s suitability for support will be assessed against a number of criteria, that includes but is not limited to; the business event’s ability to drive visitation to the state, the extent to which the business event supports regional yield and dispersal, how the business event relates to a key Tasmanian trade or business sector and the business event’s potential to leave a legacy in the state.




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The Tasmanian Government’s Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF) is delivered through Business Events Tasmania.