Visionary Stories

The Tasmania is a culture built upon a desire to connect and inspire, and one way we do this is by sharing our story and the stories of others. Our Visionary program has helped us connect the world with the pioneers and leaders of our state who work tirelessly and selflessly to create a better tomorrow. Here are a few of their stories.

Stories of our Visionaries


Visionary Highlights

Dr G. Reza Emad

Dr. G. Reza Emad perfectly demonstrates this in the work he conducts and the journey he has taken.

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Rachel Power

For Rachel Power and her husband Greg they were living in Canberra unaware that they were about to embark on an adventure that would change their lives.

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Greg Oates

Greg Oates has spent his entire career passionately advocating and advancing mathematics learning and teaching. Upon meeting Greg, you will come across an infectious enthusiasm and welcoming nature that will have you wanting to share in his passion and get involved in whatever event he might be a part of.

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Theo Kapodistrias

Theo Kapodistrias is someone who embodies the Tasmanian spirit, the desire to connect with one another and to empower those around us to share their stories. It is through these stories that we may be inspired, challenged, and educated to make a meaningful difference.

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Audio Stories

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