North West and West Coast

The west coast is home to some of the state’s most resilient and hardy people.

Built on a culture of embracing and respecting the natural environment, the region has been producing beautiful products and delicious produce for generations. 

From Devonport, delegates visiting the West Coast will be able to travel along the windswept coastline and enter the state’s untamed hinterland. This corner of the state boasts some of the world’s most indulgent produce, from hazelnuts and berries to craft beer and wine. Travel along the Tasting Trail to experience the West Coast’s culinary excellence, including hunt and harvest tours for French black winter truffles. 

With the capacity to cater for up to 150 delegates across the various event spaces, Devonport and the northwest offers the opportunity to take a moment to stop, breath in some of the world’s cleanest air and take the time to collect your thoughts. 


Cradle Mountain Hotel

Exploring Devonport and the West Coast

The West Coast is easily accessible through the city of Devonport. Arrive via a direct flight from Melbourne, travel up from Launceston, or for an iconic Tasmanian travel experience, take the Spirit of Tasmania. 

Departing daily from Geelong the voyage to Devonport is sure to be a comfortable one, with spacious cabins and a wide range of facilities such as a cinema and lounge bar it’s the perfect way to begin your journey on the West Coast.

When staying in Devonport there is a range of premium accommodation options to choose from. 

One of Devonport’s newest additions, the Novotel Hotel offers guests a selection of 187 spacious rooms with the choice of river or city views. The hotel’s restaurant and bar Mr Good Guy specialises in Southeast Asian Street food, utilising the best Tasmanian produce. The hotel has direct access to the paranaple convention centre, a spacious and flexible venue perfect for a variety of business events.  

Opened in 2018, the paranaple Convention Centre is a contemporary conference and events venue with a convention space capable of being converted into three separate rooms, suitable for smaller conferences, trade shows or workshops. 

For those delegates partaking in pre and post touring, Cradle Mountain is a Tasmanian destination that can’t be missed. The alpine accommodation of Cradle Mountain Hotel is located just a short distance away from the Lake St. Clair National Park letting visitors unwind in the serene northwest Tasmanian wilderness. 

Further southwest sits, Strahan. The perfect destination for incorporating into incentive groups or part of pre/post touring. The small coastal town is brimming with character and home to Australia’s longest running play, “The Ship That Never Was”. This production tells the fascinating story of a group of convicts working on one of the harshest penal colonies of its time, Sarah Island. Without spoiling too much of this tale, the group band together to pull off one of the most daring heists of the period – to commandeer one of the ships they had been forced to build, escaping with it to Chile. 


Why Tasmania?

paranaple convention centre

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