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The Agrarian Kitchen

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Established in 2008 when Rodney Dunn and Séverine Demanet opened The Agrarian Kitchen Cooking School and Farm within their home in The Old Schoolhouse in Lachlan – The Agrarian Kitchen was born from a longing to connect back to earth, and to grow and cook authentic food with real ingredients. 

Since then, the Agrarian Kitchen has expanded with the opening of the Agrarian Kitchen Restaurant opening at the beautiful Bronte building in Norfolk’s Willow Court. With vast expansive space, large windows and high ceilings lined with the original pressed metal, the building begged to be filled with diners. 

The cooking school shortly followed, filling the empty rooms of the Bronte building. A garden, one acre in sized was created to grow vegetables for the restaurant and provides a space for learning, inspiring and garden tours. 

Eat & Drink

A truly local food experience is the essence of The Agrarian Kitchen. Their set menu sources ingredients from the land around them, whether it’s from their own garden, the community garden across the road or from a network of local gardeners, producers, farmers and fishermen. 

It is weeks, months and sometimes years in the making beginning when seeds are planted. Fruit and vegetables enter the kitchen within minutes of harvest. Fishermen deliver their catch sometimes hours out of the water. Meat comes as a whole carcass to be hung and broken down as required. In the kitchen, these ingredients meet the fire power of the handcrafted wood-fired oven, grill and hot-smoker, all built from old bricks off the Willow Court site by master craftsman Dennis Benson. 

It is here that the kitchen team, led by Head Chef Stephen Peak, practice the ancient crafts of cheese making, whole animal butchery, smoking, fermentation, wood-fired cooking, bread making and charcuterie. The team are proud to serve you produce that is at its best today through their set menu dining experience. 

The vision is to create a space where local, seasonal produce is celebrated. Where the diner experiences a true sense of place through the food they eat. Where the ingredients speak for themselves with little adornment. At the core of their offering, they hope the integrity of the ingredients speak for themselves. 


The kiosk is The Agrarian Kitchen’s casual outdoor offering. The vibe on the front lawn is picnic tables, umbrellas and rugs, with dogs and children in equal measure soaking up the sunshine. Alternatively, take it away to enjoy at a picnic spot within the beautiful Derwent Valley. 

The menu changes weekly, making the most of their own garden produce and that of Tasmanian producers. The selection of pastries, cakes, sandwiches, salads and cheese, all made daily in house. Enjoy with a cocktail, glass or bottle of local wine, beer, cider or a hot beverage. 


Image Credit – Tourism Australia




Classes are at the core of The Agrarian Kitchen, first beginning in 2008 on Rodney and Severine’s farm in Lachlan. They are first and foremost an experience that incorporates their garden in some way, shape or form, whether simply a tour or harvesting for class use. Their new garden is one-acre in size and is just metres from the building, nestled behind protective walls and is at the heart of their operation. Designed as a space not only to grow food but also to teach others to do the same. The classes are always immersive, highlighting the beneficial nature of the human connection to nature. 

The newly built class kitchen has been designed from the ground up and accommodates 12 guests in relative comfort being approximately twice the size of their previous space. With loads of natural light and high ceilings it has all the features that made the old space great. 

Lifestyle classes are rooted in the same desire the Agrarian team has to teach practical skills, but this time it’s for other aspects of your life. Classes will include making your own home cleaning products, natural dying techniques, candle making or wreath making from your own garden and surrounds. Everything you need to live an agrarian lifestyle. 

Gardening classes have been a natural progression and extension of running their own garden. If you want to build your own vegetable garden from scratch or even learn a few techniques to make your existing garden better, then the Garden Fundamentals is the class for you.