Mainstreet Australia National Conference 2023 Recap

Bringing together organisations and individuals from across the country (with a number of international keynote speakers making the trip down under) who are committed to ensuring main-streets and town centres continue to survive and prosper for education, inspiration and connection.

Hobart Waterfront – Image Credit: Fin Matson

As a state that prides itself for the many vibrant city streets found throughout, the Mainstreet Australia National Conference 2023 event proved to be an invaluable opportunity not only for our professionals to learn from the many terrific speakers attending this event but also for them to learn from our experts. 


Having taken place in early August in Hobart / nipaluna the conference was one that connected thought leaders and practitioners from Australia, the UK and the US, and highlighted that we ourselves here in Australia are a force to be reckoned within the industry. 

Salamanca Market - Image Credit: Tourism Australia

Right now, our main streets are universally being impacted by the pandemic hangover, cost of living crisis, uptake of online e-commerce and rise of international competition (to name a few), but they also provide an opportunity to experience and connect with others. As Mark Robinson (Chair of the High Street Taskforce UK) put it, “Every place (street) has an origin story”, a distinct personality and sense of place that we can leverage, interpret, and use to make our streets “loveable”.  As people in our businesses and on our streets, we can engage and fulfil that innate need to connect and belong somewhere special, we can inject care, fun and joy into lives enabling community.

Over the course of the three-day event, everyone came together and bonded not only through the highly engaging and well-structured discussions and program, but also through casual conversations and last-minute dinner and drink plans. 

Launceston Seaport Boardwalk - Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy

Despite the various backgrounds and fields of expertise, delegates bonded over the commonalities (of which there were many). The similarity that stood out the most was a shared vision of all wanting what’s best for our main streets, high streets and town centres, for the people who live and love them, and for these spaces and places to grow and adapt in an informed and considered way.

Not only did the conference deliver a value packed agenda of keynotes, panels, masterclasses and tours, but it brought together people, place and passion; resulting in new connections, actionable insights gained and perspectives expanded the way only possible while in Tasmania. 


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