Robyn Moore – Professional Speaker, A New Point Of View

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Event Services

Robyn Moore is one of Australia’s most in-demand Speakers, delivering tailored and inspirational talks to audiences in every sector for 25 years. Robyn’s highly entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring presentations consistently create the results her clients want. As an Educator and Voice-over Artist for 40+ years, most delegates relate instantly to Robyn, allowing her to:

Re-ENGAGE your delegates/staff with their whole LIFE!
Their Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community…Themselves!

• Re-ALIGN delegates/staff with the Vision, Values and Goals of the company or their business.

• Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours…attendees access personal responsibility and
self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.

• Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.

• Re-MIND your audience about what “really mattered before the circumstances changed
everything!” They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire
to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.

• Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times.



Inspiring quotes from some Conferences held in Tasmania:

“Excellent – Phenomenal – Robyn’s presentation was a highlight of the conference. She challenged, engaged and inspired”.  

“Robyn Moore was simply amazing!  I couldn’t think of a better speaker to open our conference”.  

“Of all our speakers, she was a standout! Robyn is a truly extraordinary presenter and she left her audience spellbound!