Drive Car Hire

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Event Services

Drive Car Hire is Tasmania’s premium car rental provider. Locally owned with locations across Tasmania, they offer a selection of standard cars alongside their Overdrive collection of premium and sports cars to enhance the Tasmanian driving experience.  Operated by the same Tasmanian family for 40 years, Drive has built a reputation for professional and efficient service with a personalised Tasmanian flavour.

Adopting an “everything is possible” attitude, the team enjoys solving logistical challenges. Services include delivering cars to remote areas of the state and creating tailored experiences, including “fly & drive” within Tasmania. They offer complimentary hotel delivery, itinerary guidance and a wealth of local on-the-ground recommendations to ensure a memorable experience.

Drive Car Hire is committed to helping Tasmanian visitors lessen their impact.  In 2021 they were first in Tasmania to adopt electric vehicles (EVs), allowing visitors to enjoy zero-emissions touring around the state. Additionally they offer a range of fuel-saving hybrid cars.