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Event Services

ASN Events has a long history of successfully managing domestic and international conferences, scientific meetings and corporate events ranging from 100 to 25,000 participants, throughout Australia and internationally. With over 27 years of event management experience and conference organisation, as well as an all-encompassing approach covering planning, administration, logistics, accounting and revenue optimisation, ASN Events builds solid foundations for successful and enjoyable events.

A key benefit they bring to every event is a focus on responsible fiscal outcomes. Having owned events outright ASN Events have the knowledge and experience to deliver risk minimisation, cost containment and optimal revenue return.

ASN Events have introduced numerous innovative solutions including online registration and online abstract submission. You will also benefit through our excellent record of sourcing, recruiting and retaining sponsorship.

They work closely with each client to build a dedicated team approach that gives you the appropriate level of support, free of stress.

With ASN Event’s unique ability to bring good humour and positive focus throughout the most demanding deadlines we deliver to every event absolute quality management.