Launceston city recognised at national awards.

During the most recent national Mainstreet Awards last month (19 May) the events and marketing initiatives to activate the city centre have seen local not-for-profit Launceston Central City take home three first place awards.

The organisation formerly known as Cityprom was acknowledged in the events category for its NORTH Festival and in the marketing category for its in-house branding and promotion of its winter event Fire & Fog, as well as receiving a judges’ choice award for ‘Best regional main street or town centre’ for its efforts and achievements in activating and marketing the city centre.  

Launched more than 20 years ago, the Mainstreet Australia Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of the people, programs and organisations that ensure the ongoing success and survival of Australia’s main streets. 

Launceston Central City’s Executive Officer, Amanda McEvoy, said the awards were a testament to the hard work and dedication of her small team, as well as the enthusiasm and collaborative spirit shared by the city businesses that made their campaigns and activations possible.   

“This is a great celebration of how, with a bit of creativity and cooperation, we can create really positive outcomes for our city, that benefit so many people,” Ms McEvoy said.  

“Both NORTH and Fire & Fog were created to fulfil demonstrated needs in the city and I think it’s fair to say that both have exceeded even our own expectations in their delivery,” she said. 

“For a small team, we really punch above our weight and to have this recognised at a national level up against some other great initiatives is really encouraging.  We were all grateful to have the support and presence of Acting Mayor Matthew Garwood with us on the night too”. 

Mainstreet Australia’s Executive Officer, Elizabeth Joldeski, said the importance of main streets to the nation’s economy, and social and environmental landscape, could not be underestimated. 

“Behind every one of these streets are committed businesses, volunteers, committee and community members, centre managers and Councils who respond to constant challenges and ensure main streets thrive, through their hard work, dedication and initiative,” Ms Joldeski said. 


Launceston is your gateway to the north. An easily to navigate, walkable city with the capacity to host up to 500 delegates, the city offers direct access to industry experts and leaders in agriculture, maritime research and uniquely Tasmanian Experiences.  

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