Episode 3 of the BET Visionary Spotlight

Episode 3 of the BET Visionary Spotlight is now live!

In this episode we have founder of the Tasmanian Whiskey Academy and co-founder of the Distillers Institute on the show, Anne Gigney.

Anne has been a key player in building a gold-standard whiskey industry, not just in Tasmania, but across Australia and New Zealand.

Through her businesses, The Distillers Institute and the Tasmanian Whiskey Academy, she’s helped more than 1000 distillers find a place in the industry or start their very own distillery.

Hear about the journey Anne has been on to get to where she is – such as riding co-driver in rally championships alongside famous drivers such as Peter Brock – and gain insight into why the distillery industry is such an exciting sector for Tasmania.


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