Episode 2 of the BET Visionary Spotlight

Wherever you visit in Tasmania you are sure to come across locals who work tirelessly to advocate and progress our state’s leading industries. They’re courageous doers who work passionately and have become leaders not because they sought prominent positions but instead because they’ve done remarkable things and ended up as leaders along the way.

For episode 2 of the Business Events Tasmania Visionary Spotlight we talk with Associate Professor – Greg Oates. 

Greg is the director for the Bachelor of Primary Education course at the University of Tasmania and has been a strong advocate for events in Launceston, having even organised some himself and commenting on the important role they play in progressing fields of study. 

Originating from New Zealand, Greg’s first visit to Tasmania was because of a conference held in Hobart in 2015. It was at this event that Greg made connections and was inspired to make the move. 

In this episode, Greg talks about the similarities between Tasmania and New Zealand, with the most significant being the feeling felt while living here of being part of an island and with it a strong sense of community. 

Greg discusses the unique challenges an island state like Tasmania face and the opportunities the education sector has to make a real difference to those who live here. 

He follows this up with how he feels he personally can make a difference here, touching upon Tasmania’s intimate culture and how this allows him to be able to interact more closely with people in the community as well as have greater access to interact with other leaders. 

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The BET Visionary Spotlight