Gretta Pecl

Professor Gretta Pecl 

Director – Centre for Marine Socioecology, Professor of Climate Change Ecology and Director – Centre for Marine Socioecology & institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. 

Professor of Climate Change Ecology and IPCC Lead Author, Professor Gretta Pecl has been ranked in the top 200 most influential climate scientists in the world. With a rich background in research Gretta’s focus has been on the impact of climate change on natural systems and helping with the development of adaptation options for conservation, fisheries, and aquaculture. 

Gretta is dedicated to informing, educating, and raising awareness of climate related topics. She has been prominent in the UN Decade of Ocean Programmes, including co-leading Future Seas 2030 and being a part of the panel of speakers for the Ocean Business Leaders’ Summit. 

As a leader in her field, Professor Gretta Pecl provides insight and expert knowledge as a speaker for conferences and events held in Tasmania. 

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