BET Chief Executive Officer Marnie Craig said ‘Our role at Business Events Tasmania is to attract national and international business events to Tasmania. In recent years, we’re seeing an increasing number of destinations in Australia and within the Asia Pacific region offering incentive funding to secure conferences and business events to their region, and to also have this option will put Tasmania on a level playing field.

‘This fund will allow BET to offer financial support at the critical bidding stage, to help secure strategic conferences that align with Tasmania’s key industry sectors.’

An event’s suitability for support will be assessed by an external panel against a number of criteria including:

How the business event relates to a key Tasmanian trade or business sector

The business event’s ability to drive visitation to the state

The extent to which the business event supports regional yield and dispersal

The business event’s potential to leave a legacy in the state.

The Tasmanian Ambassador Program is a key part of Business Events Tasmania’s network of contacts throughout the state. Together with our close links with state and local government, chambers of commerce, educational and research institutions, and our business partners, the Tasmanian Ambassador Program is an outstanding source of local knowledge and advice.

So, if you need advice about bringing your next event to Tasmania, if you’re looking for speakers or panel members for your conference, or if you’re looking to arrange industry visits or business networking events for your delegates, contact the team at BET.

With our network of contacts, we’ll make sure you make the connections you need.

*Tasmania’s key industry sectors include:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Antarctic and Southern Ocean
  • Building and construction
  • Cultural and tourism industry
  • Defence
  • Food and agribusiness
  • Forestry and related industries
  • Information communication and technology
  • International education
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Renewable energy
  • Science – including health and medical research.