Lark Distillery – Nominated for Venue of the Year, Distillery of the Year and more in this year’s Australian Whisky Awards.

From the humble beginnings of sharing a bottle of whiskey during trout fishing trips in Tasmania’s highlands, Lark Distillery founder Bill Lark and father in-law Max would often ponder, why is it that no one is making malt whiskey in Tasmania. After all, Tasmania has everything you would need for creating fine whiskey, the water down here is second to none and the climate is perfect for growing barley.  

This contemplation soon turned into a dream which before long Bill Lark made a reality. In 1992, Lark Distillery was established, becoming the first Australian distillery to produce single malt in 154 years. Thirty years on, Lark Distillery has continued to pursue excellence in all things whisky, pushing the boundaries of convention in a pursuit of discovering the best styles and flavours, all while remaining committed to only ever crafting Tasmanian spirits. Like most Tasmanians, Lark appreciates the importance of caring for the environment and has passionately worked to ensure that what they do supports the land, making Lark the first certified carbon neutral distillery in Australia.   

The brilliance of Lark Distillery has recently been acknowledged at the Australian Whisky Awards after being nominated across five key categories for achievements throughout 2022. The categories are as followed: 

Distillery of the Year 

Distiller/Producer of the Year: Chris Thomson 

Personality of the Year: Bill Lark 

Venue of the Year: Lark Cellar Door & The Still 

Whisky of the Year: Dark Lark 


This isn’t the first time Lark Distillery has received prestigious recognition for their work. Last year Bill Lark was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ at the Spirits Business Awards in London. This award recognised Lark’s contribution not only to the Australian whisky industry, but to the industry globally.  Lark Cellar Door & The Still has been a favourite venue for many delegates visiting Hobart during business events. Situated in the heart of the city, Lark Cellar Door & The Still offers an intimate and elegant spot, perfect for incentive groups. This venue celebrates Tasmania’s world class whisky industry, offering tasting tours that showcases some of the most impressive local whiskies from across the state.  

This isn’t where the offerings from Lark Distillery end, 30 mins drive from the CBD sits Pontville Distillery. As Tasmania’s oldest and most innovative single malt distiller, its only appropriate for it to reside amongst Tasmania’s only working whiskey village, with beautifully restored buildings that date back to the 1800’s. This setting has resulted in a venue space that’s charm truly speaks for itself. Providing a perfect venue for larger groups to make a day trip, Pontville Distillery offers tours where delegates will learn about the iconic Tasmanian whisky’s distillation process, ending with a tasting and sampling of Lark Whiskey or Forty Spotted Gin.  

At BET we often talk about the pioneering spirit of the locals and Bill Lark and Lark Distillery are the quintessential embodiment of this. From their origin rooted in Tasmania’s appreciation for the land and the fortitude to chase one’s dreams, Lark continues to demonstrate the Tasmanian way to the rest of the world. Congratulations on the recognition, we look forward to seeing the results of the award ceremony and the continued endeavours of one of Tasmania’s inspiring pioneers.