Explore Hobart with Hello Hobart’s Self-Guided Tours

Showcasing the heart of Hobart, Hello Hobart share the hidden gems and stories behind the city’s vibrant retail and culinary scene.

When you’re out in lutruwita/Tasmania, you never know who you’ll run into. Duck into a boutique bar, and you could meet the winemaker dropping off a case for the evening’s service (and indulging in a knock-off on their way home). Perhaps you’ll see a micro-producer pulling up to an eating house with a ute full of farm gate produce, and an emergency delivery of fresh herbs for the kitchen.

Image Credit - Rosie Hastie - Society Salamanca

The past few years have seen a boom in boutique craft breweries, wine bars and venues opening throughout the island with many becoming some of our favourite best-kept secrets.

Fortunately for our visiting delegates keeping secrets aren’t a strong point for us Tasmanians, in fact we are all quite eager to share with anyone who visits our favourite places.

Hello Hobart for instance has recently made available several fantastic self-guided tours including one that will set you on a journey to discover the hidden bars of Hobart.

In addition to this guide, they also have available “A Time-Travellers Guide to Tasmania’s Capital” that will have you discovering stories about the city’s past; a “Hidden Treasures” tour letting you explore a selection of local specialist stores, plus more!

It’s the perfect resource for organisers to share with their delegates or to incorporate into their next event. You can find them all by following the link here.

You can also check out this season’s edition of the BET Magazine where are focus for Creative Spaces was on Tasmania’s hidden bar scene.

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