Case Study Story – MERGA 44

When business events are held in Tasmania, local experts are offered the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in their fields, share research findings, and cultivate collaborations that aid with progression in industry.

They bring experts to the state that may decide to stay. They allow exporters to show their products without having to leave the island and place Tasmania on the world stage, promoting the state’s facilities, experts, and hunger for exploring the extraordinary. 


Many of these benefits aren’t felt immediately, instead they can come to fruition months sometimes even years after the event. With this in mind, here at BET we have taken the time to touch base with a delegates and organisers of past events to determine some of the legacies of the events held in this extraordinary island. 


Most recently we have looked at the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) Annual Conference that was held in Launceston in 2022. It attracted 207 in person delegates, included keynote speakers from across the globe and held initiatives that benefitted our local teachers and professionals. 


It was spearheaded by BET Visionary and Launceston local Greg Oates who had this to say about the importance of hosting an event such as this in Tasmania: 

“Hosting MERGA in Launceston was a huge success, it helped raise the profile of work being conducted in Education in Tasmania, and has acted as a stimulus for colleagues in other discipline areas to consider Launceston for conferences. Feedback was highly positive, and many delegates observed they will return to Tasmania following their experiences here…” 


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