Business Events Tasmania Visionary Spotlight Ep. 1 Promo

Episode 1 of the BET Visionary Spotlight is now live!

This original podcast series will introduce the world to some of Tasmania’s extraordinary industry leaders and pioneers. 

For the inaugural episode we get together with Co-founder of Willie Smith’s Cider Makers and Managing director at Du Cane Brewing – Sam Reid. 

Sam is a leading voice for the cider industry in Australia and expert in his field, offering in-depth and profound knowledge on the alcoholic beverage industry. He is a storyteller and marketer working tirelessly to share with the world what makes Tasmania special while producing experiences that bring our communities together. 

During the episode you will hear about what it was exactly that attracted Sam to the hospitality industry, the philosophy of Du Cane Brewing, and the unique offerings Launceston and Northern Tasmania offer business events. 

You will learn about northern Tasmania, about how those who call this corner of the state home have thrived under pressure; succeeded in a competitive environment that many would have considered impossible. Achieving this thanks to a culture felt throughout the state; one of pragmatic doers who pursue their passions, working towards selfless goals and chasing the extraordinary. 

Sam puts it perfectly in this episode; “we go it alone [in Tasmania], we forge ahead, we follow our passions…  And that’s what the business events market love to experience when they come down here. 

Here in Tasmania, you have the chance to hear from our local leaders and witness firsthand innovative techniques by having the opportunity to go out to the farms, learning from those doing the work. A major strength especially shown in the north of the state. 

Hear the story behind Du Cane, a brewery that celebrates the bushwalking culture of Tasmania to the point where the home of the company – Du Cane Brewery & Dining Hall – was formerly a well-known, local outfitter for outdoor camping and gear supplier. Now it acts as a hub for celebrating this culture and encouraging locals and visitors to get out and experience some of the amazing parks and reserves that surround Launceston.  


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