BET Visionary Spotlight Series

A Visionary is a pioneer. A Visionary sees thing that others don’t. A Visionary inspires. A Visionary lights the way for others.

Introducing the BET Visionary Spotlight, an original podcast series that introduces you to some of Tasmania’s leaders and dives into what it is that makes Tasmania such a special place to live and work. 

Since the launch of the BET Visionary Program late 2022, we have had the pleasure of working alongside some truly extraordinary Tasmanians to offer clients an experience unlike any other.  

Through our Visionary Program we connect the world with our state’s industry leaders for business events that get to the heart of what really matters. 

Now with the launch of this podcast series (dropping on 21st February), you will be able to hear from some of these exceptional industry leaders, researchers, teachers, and entrepreneurs with each episode featuring a different BET Visionary. 

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