Will Smith

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Event Services

Founder of JCP Youth – an organisation providing high impact programs to young people – Will is an experienced leadership facilitator, coach, and public speaker. Will has a background in providing high-impact programs for people, including developing and implementing innovative programs in Australia and around the world. His life experiences have involved walking the red carpets of Hollywood and working in an active war zone in the Middle East – assisting some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Will and his team at JCP Youth offers keynote speaking, workshops and resilience programs. 

The Corporate Workshops provided by JCP Youth are designed for professional teams to motivate personal and social capabilities, inspiring them toward growth in both their professional and personal lives. The workshops are intense, real, and raw, with content derived from real life experiences and challenges. 

JCP Youth’s Outdoor Recreational Resilience Program is a unique and effective program delivered in an outdoor setting. Aimed at providing a once in a lifetime chance to find purpose through physically and mentally challenging activities, participants will work as a team to empower social management, self- management, and self-awareness, all while gaining mindset and emotional intelligence tools. 

Will’s intensive experience, ability to inspire and empower growth, and passion has made him a highly coveted speaker by every industry. This has led Will to offer his services as keynote speaker, delivering creative ways to engage with every attendee, ensuring they connect to his powerful messages of impact and create change in their personal and professional lives. 

Will and JCP will work with you to tailor a unique and immersive experience for your conference or incentive group.