Nayri Niara at LongHouse

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Event Services

“Nayri Niara At Nayri Niara, We Create Good Spirit.
We Connect people to Country, Culture, Community, the Self and the Sacred.
We unite ancient Indigenous knowledge with modern innovative practices.”

Nayri Niara is a 100% owned Aboriginal social enterprise. Profits from venue hire and event production enables delivery of training programs that have effective and positive impact for their communities. Their home HEARTh is at the LongHouse Hobart. NAYRI NIARA @LONGHOUSE – A light filled communal creation hub situated on the original intertidal zone, where the fresh water of kunanyi / Mt Wellington once met the salt water of timtumuli minanya /Derwent river. Nayri Niara work with organisations and businesses to co-create Business Events that have depth, heart and meaning. They have a suite of creatives, workshop facilitators and inspirational speakers that can enhance and enliven events with Aboriginal cultural and well-Being experiences. Their event catering is inspire by traditional, native cuisine, local, sustainable and simply the best nutritional Tasmanian cuisine available.